1. Voice search: As voice search becomes increasingly popular, more people will type search queries the same way they speak.

    Notice that most of these search queries are long-tail and very specific? Users want an accurate answer to the exact question they asked.

  2. Featured snippets:  A featured snippet is a summary of an answer to a search query. Google displays it at the top of the SERP result, above paid and organic ads.
  3. More marketers will leverage influencers for SEO: 17% of businesses spent over half of their entire marketing budget on influencers. The statistics highlight the importance of influencer marketing for companies, especially those in fashion, beauty, ecommerce, travel, and lifestyle.
  4. People will want digital experiences: 44% of companies have moved to a digital-first approach to improve customer experience. Whereas, 56% of CEO's  said the improvement leds to revenue growth.
  5. Video will be the king of content: Google loves video. It’s a crucial part of your SEO strategy and digital marketing efforts. According to a Forrester Research,  Video is 50 times more likely to shown up on the first page of SERP than a web page with plain text.


Thursday, February 6, 2020

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